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Teaching Financial Literacy

Looking for a financial literacy education program?

'The information on this website will open your eyes to the complexity of financial literacy. You will gain a full understanding of what the financial literacy buzz is about. Learn why personal money management behavior leads to financial failure 99% of the time. Let us give you a framework to build your financial literacy lessons or program'.

" the other 75% of Personal Finance is about behavior management...this website is about how to manage that 75%"

Money is rational, absolutely 100% rational. It follows logical paths that are predictable and rigid like the rule of 72. An understated amount of human behavior is completely irrational especially when it comes to money. The only way to manage money properly is to become 100% rational. To manage money on a 100% rational basis involves getting the 75% which is your behavior in tune with the rational mechanisms of money.

In order to understand the complexity of financial literacy psychology and how to get in tune with the rationality of money we must understand the psychology of financial literacy and how to manage the psychology of behavioral economics. Once the psychology is understood it is painfully clear that we all need help managing our financial personality. The first step is to answer the question; What is financial literacy?. Our definition is a story line of 12 character in 3 parts. The 3 angels are the logical financial tools. The financial demons are 2 sets of 3 psychological principles that hinder human capacity to manage money logically. The helpers are in the form 3 personal finance heroes.

If you are developing a financial literacy program you are one of the 3 heroes. Financial Mentors:: Financial Coaches , or you are engaging in Financial Therapy.

Why do people manage money irrationally ?

The other 75%

The Financial Heroes

These 3 heroes help with behavioral change.

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